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529 5th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11215

CALL: 718.768.8200

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while classrooms are empty...




Enroll your child in a SAFE ENVIRONMENT where we follow the CDC gulidelines.  Parents rest asSure and plan your child's school year now!

e-learning center hours

day time hours: 8:00 AM - 3:00 pm

EXTENDED Hours: 3:00 pM - 6:00 pm

Children learn: rEADING, aRTS AND cRAFTS AND homework help

Rates limited to the first 10

e-learning center schedule (will adjust)

8:00 am instruction begins

11:30 am snack break

12:00 pm reces / physical education

12:45 pm lunch

1:15 PM resume instruction

3:00 pm dismisal

after school strats

3:30 reading time

4:00 pm homework

5:00 pm physical education / games

6:00 pm dismisal


  • daily arts and crafts
  • daily Physical Outside Activity
  • Karaoke Fun Time
  • Movie Days
  • Outdoor Sports

center will fill up fast.  don't wait!

Camp Program Director

Ms. Ada Vargas Program Director

Ms. Ada is the mother of 2 awesome and talented children. She enrolled as a member of 

Fitness Kickboxing in 2005 as well as enrolled her children into the karate program. Those children are now 1st and 2nd degree black belts, Sensei Ricky and Sensei Marquez. With dedication and hard work through the Fitness Kickboxing program, Ms. Ada lost over 150 pounds.

Not too long after, Ms. Ada was offered the position of Program Director for AmeriKick Park Slope and soon after she became a Fitness Kickboxing Instructor. Currently certified by the AmeriKick Fitness Program, she runs the entire Park Slope Kickboxing and Summer Camp programs.  

Because of her welcoming smile and professionalism, the parents and children adore her. Ms. Ada has become an inspiration to the AmeriKick Fitness Kickboxing members.

Renee Ifill

"My five-year old had such a great summer at Amerikick. He was totally engaged, and very focused on earning his stripes. He looked forward to going to camp every morning, which has not always been the case. This was a really good fit for him, and we'll certainly be back next year. Thank you Sensei's!"

 Cyndi T.

"My kids have just completed their first week of summer camp ever and thankfully it was Amerikick! They had both refused summer camp last year and it was only when they heard Sensei's were running the camps that they agreed to do one week. They had a great time. The fantastic staff all ensured that the camp was enjoyable interesting, safe and fun! I can't wait until next year."

 Susan E.

"My daughter did 6 weeks of camp at Amerikick. She was so shy before. She was intimidated by other girls in the park and school. After attending Amerikick Summer Camp, she made so many new friends and became very confident. I would recommend this camp if your child wants to have fun and learn some defense. Till next year..."

 Joe W.

"My 9 year old son is extremely active and had complained of being bored at other summer camps. At Amerikick Summer Camp he did karate everyday, played basketball, football, soccer and went on trips. He was excited to go to camp every day. I loved big space, friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere!"

e-learning pricing

for early bird discount and details please call

what's included?

  • SAFE Social Distance: With safe social communication that every child needs being out of school.List Element
  • REMOTE E-Learning Stations: Children will get help with their schoolwork.
  • HIGH-SPEED Internet: We have the fastest speed commercially available.
  • SAFETY-Defense: During this volatile time we are teaching safe techniques and situational awareness.
  • FUN Social Distancing Learning Games: Motivating and always in a fun learning environment.
  • Safe Environment (Masks Mandatory)
  • CLEAN Air Purifying Systems
  • Surfaces Cleaned Multiple Times Daily
  • Huge 3,800 Foot Facility (Max 20 Student)
  • Our Program Improves: Focus, Discipline, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Respect and Improve Character
  • AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM: Flexible Times With Extended After School Program
  • Professional Staff / Educators 
  • High Student to Educator Ratio 


Q. How do I register?

A. So easy!  Click Register Now above or below and register online.  If you are not as tech savvy, Call us at 718-768.8200 and we'll take care of you right over the phone.  

Q. When is it starting?

A.  E-Learning Center will begin September 10th. 

Q. What time does the E-Lerning Center start and end?

A. The Center will run Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. We also offer after school extended hours.

Q. Do you offer early drop-off or late pick-up programs?

A. Pick up between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm for an additional fee per week. Space is limited!

Q. Do I have to do enroll for the entire School Year?

A. No, for safety reasons we want to limit the outside exposure and have the same members participating in the E-Learning until the end of the school year, with that beeing said, if you can commit for longer term, it is ideal.  


Q. What's the minimum number of weeks I can do?

A. Due to limited amount of space, commit to as much as you can, but there is a drop in option. 

Q. Is lunch included?

A. No, lunch is not included. Please pack a lunch and two snacks daily, and bring a water bottle so they can stay hydrated.


Q. What's the youngest age you take?

A. E-Learning Center will be open to kids aged 5 and up.


A. Amerikick Martial Arts differs in many ways. 

  • Black Belt Experienced Instructors
  • Certified Staff
  • CPR and First Aid Certified Staff
  • Character Development Program
  • Clean 3800 Square Foot Facility
  • Air Conditioned 
  • Highest Instructor to Camper Ratio
  • Very Responsive Staff
  • Very Clean
  • Extremely Safe
  • Size is Familiar and Comfortable for Children
  • Awesome Reward System

Q. How much is the tuition?

A. Our full weekly rate is $350 per week (Ealy Birds Rate is $300).  

Q. Do you have a Hybrid program?

A. Yes you can attend daily or have a hybrid school attendance (limited space available).  

Q. Do you offer sibling discounts?

A. Yes, siblings receive 10% off. 

Q. What kind of curriculum are we following?

A. You child will have school curriculum that we will follow and help with.  

Q. Teacher to Student Ratio?

A. We will have 2 teachers if we have at least 12 children. We will max at 20 children for the program.  

Q. Are payment plans available?

A.  Absolutely! We can arrange weekly or monthly payment plans for you, billed by debit or credit card.

Please hurry, space is limited.  We would hate for you to miss out.

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