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Amerikick Martial Arts:
Not Just Self- Defense...Giving Kids The Upper Hand For Success

The main goals of the Youth Karate classes are to teach the full Amerikick karate curriculum, develop skilled martial arts leaders and well rounded human beings. The ages range from 7-12 and include beginner, intermediate, advanced and black belt levels.

The Youth Karate curriculum includes a variety of traditional styles in addition to more contemporary modern martial arts. Your child will learn the kicks of Tae Kwon Do, the hand strikes of Boxing and Kung Fu, the blocks and punches of Shotokan, the self defense of Kenpo and the takedowns and ground defense of Judo. The Youth Karate curriculum also includes Sport Karate training, weapons training, extreme martial arts, sparring and kickboxing training. All these components have been selected and designed over the past 40 years of Amerikick to give your child the best training on their journey to Black Belt. 

Our Kid's Karate Classes Develop:

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    Goal Setting
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Sensei Alex Davydov Master Level Instructor (5th Dan Black Belt)  

Sensei Alex is Head Instructor of AmeriKick Karate Studio in Park Slope, Brooklyn. He graduated from Brooklyn College with Honors Degree in Business Management and Finance.  

Sensei Alex has been training from the age of 6. His current standings are: 5th degree black belt, 2 time Mixed Martial Arts undefeated amateur fighter and former Jiu Jitsu NAGA Champion. He also holds multiple World Titles in sparring, forms and weapons in competition affiliations such as NASKA, NBL and WSKF. His accomplishments do not stop there. Sensei also holds a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Master Level Karate and Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor.

Catherin Birch


"My sons have been attending this school for over 5 years and are now just a couple belts away from becoming black belts. The entire staff at Amerikick, Park Slope, have had such a profoundly positive influence on my boys while teaching them discipline and self defense. We've been so thankful for the support and positivity that this environment has provided for them over the years and highly recommend it for any parent looking to enrich their kid/s confidence."

Renee Ifill


"We're thrilled to be part of the Amerikick community. They really care about your whole child... their ability, their character, their emotional well-being. I trust them with my 6-year old son, who has taken to its curriculum immediately. Their weekly program, as well as their summer camp, are so well run and have added to our lives in ways I could not have imagined."

Irma Soto


"This is a great school. All the sensei's and senpai are hard working, caring individuals. They take the time to teach my grandsons (3) not only Karate but life lessons as well. The staff is warm, friendly, and respectful to all who enter and impart that to the students. My grandchildren love going and being there. I love being there and being a part of the Amerikick family ."

Cyndi Jane


"Americks Martial Arts is a school I highly recommend for children who are interested in taking karate. The staff are highly focused on each child individually in helping them meet their highest expectations. I was highly impressed on how quickly my son adapted and grew in as little as 3 months. It is a very friendly environment especially for those shy n timid children. As soon as you enter the school you get this warm family friendly feeling. The front desk staff are always available to answer any questions or concerns and help the transition as new students go very smoothly. I also see a change in my childrens respect for me as as well as others. Again i highly recommend this school if your Interested in having your child learn self discipline in a fun and friendly way!"

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